About Us

It is essential that there should be an Online and Offline synchronization between individual needs and requirements. Therefore, when developing online functions, applications, websites and electronic based tools for the AltanaESP System, and application within the AltanaESP Network, the following basic principles are followed when developing, initiating, maintaining and/or updating the AltanaESP system…

  • Know the individual or group of individuals story and use the technology to either “tell the story” or address their needs.
  • Determine who is the client’s client, i.e. how would this application be deployed and used to meet certain demands, requirements and/or address certain problems/obstacles experienced.
  • Determine who are the individuals that is most likely to make use of the “electron tools“. Don’t regard users as faceless entities, be precise in what people need, the purpose and the application of online/technological developments.
  • Nothing we do is “easy“. Never underestimate the value of specialized knowledge. It may seem quite obvious at first, but the obvious – almost always – requires lots-and-lots of experience. This implies much more that just coding and/or constructing applications… it is about understanding and delivering within context!
  • Dates and time lines matter, not working hours. Get things done on time and within budget. Don’t get derailed in futile efforts to stay busy for every hour in a working day. Prioritize!
  • Keep in mind that the 10/90 principle will apply at the most inappropriate moment. Developing applications and establishing processes/procedures, is like building a house. Getting the initial structure going will often take just as much time as taking care of the final finishes and trimmings.
  • The unexpected can and will delay us meeting deadlines or create trouble.
  • Online versus Offline. Always conduct yourself respectable. Remember the legacy. It is always build and happens both on- and offline.
  • Individual need/requirement must be addressed, regardless SASCEC’s role or responsibility towards the process.
  • Cooperate – even with the competition – to share experience in different areas. What can be of help in manpower, human resources, training, accounting, physics, medicine, projects, assessments, learning materials, …etc.

Once an application/website/function is developed, revision (i.e. monitoring) is an important part for maintenance and crucial for eventual sustainability and effectivity of use.

The AltanaESP System is serving as a virtual “workplace” and “tools” infra structure, which provide the required functionality for the AltanaESP Network for delivering services to individuals, groups, teams and/or companies in an effective manner. The AltanaESP System structure is specifically developed and maintained to accountably sustain a productive Self-organizing Network that forms the foundation of the AltanaESP Network of Services and act as countering measure for the prevailing unproductive Conspiracy Workplace Climate.

When using this online system alongside a few thousand other people, requires that out of respect for individual privacy and security, participants in the AltanaESP Network and users of the AltanaESP System, should respect and adhere to the certain system protocols (as described on this website) put into place to establish a reliable platform for online (& offline) cooperations and developments.

Updated: 23 July, 2015 — 2:58 pm