Scaffolding AltanaESP System Scaffolding & Developmental Foundation


The AltanaESP System’s scaffolding and developmental foundation is a synchronicity between different systems, applications, programs, functions, “tools” and the technology used in a specific evolving combination to create a operational platform which serves as a robust foundation for the various services delivered by the AltanaESP Network.

The AltanaESP System comprises out of various operating platforms, combine a variety of functions, plugins, themes, snippets and extensions to productively support the many AltanaESP Network procedures, processes and activities.

The scaffolding and developmental foundation is researched, developed, established and maintained with one specific purpose in mind… to foster a productive, efficient and interactive symbiosis between man (AltanaESP Network) and machine (AltanaESP System), when delivering services (e.g. guidance, training, educational, coaching, …etc.) of outstanding quality to individuals in need of such services. Services which are flexible enough to efficiently accommodate change, individual needs and contextual requirements, without jeopardizing age old proven principles, values and truths.

Updated: 25 November, 2017 — 2:15 pm