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Developing, establishing and maintaining a reliable, dependable and robust operational and functional platform (i.e. an accountable & valid AltanaESP Network and System symbiosis), cost effectively (i.e. cheaply) – on face value – may seem like an unobtainable objective.

Difficult, …for sure. Impossible, …no.

The AltanaESP System – in its entirety – was developed, build and – still is – maintained using only open source software, programs, systems and applications.

However, the majority of people holds the sad and unfortunate capitalistic (money determine quality) and bureaucratic (standards are upheld by paperwork) opinion, that open source “products” isn’t really “worth it“, because of the following stubborn and prevailing myth…

  • it is “free” (i.e. cost nothing) products that
  • allows for maintaining a “cheap” system, which – in the end – isn’t as robust, dependable and trustworthy as the overpriced counterparts (in terms of both the purchase price & support provided) available on the market today and
  • the standard and quality of system functions (&support) are in direct relation to the amount of money that one pays for it.

Thus… “you get what you paid for” and “if you pay peanuts you can only expect monkey-results in return“.

PLEASE, don’t be mistaken!

AltanaESP Pty Ltd deliberately decided to follow and stick to following an open source development strategy, mainly as a result of the open source software’s underlying principles, attitude, intention, characteristics, features and attributes, which – in comparison to expensive copyright protected counterparts – is the better and more productive developmental strategy to follow.

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