AltanaESP Productivity Suite

The collective working methodology in modern times is changing, whether you like, belief it or not. Most modern day work flows – to a larger or lesser extent – make use of the Internet and online functions to deliver services more efficiently and cost effectively.

This brings a whole new set of “game rules” to the workplace “modus operandi“-table, rules that required a different approach and attitude in doing one’s work and how productivity manifests in the modern day workplace.

The productivity emphasis is no longer on the what of doing one’s job. Such as what needs to be done, when and by how much (i.e. the quantity focus). But… the emphasis nowadays, is on how the job is done (i.e. the quality focus). Such as understanding the context and taking decisions synchronized with circumstantial conditions (i.e. maintaining a harmonious environmental fit).

This is valid for and applicable to all, everyone that in some way uses the Internet and/or Emails in their daily tasks. Thus, the AltanaESP productivity Suite focus on tips, techniques and methods to enhance one’s online productivity when using Browsers & Email clients.

The AltanaESP Productivity Suite centre primarily around the following applications…

  • Firefox Internet Browser and
  • Thunderbird Email Client

The reason being… the above applications provide a much greater flexibility to individualize and customize the manner in which you specifically prefer to use the application in a particular context. The latter is essential for online productivity, because in this way, the application support the way in which you prefer to deal with your daily tasks and don’t subtly force you in doing your work in a manner that that is prescribe by technology. Thus, let technology serve and adapt to our work method requirements and needs, not the other way around.

Both Firefox and Thunderbird’s core application (function) can be extended or enhanced by various extensions (i.e. plugins/add-ons). There is a kizillion different extensions available from the Mozilla website, that can be downloaded and installed to extend the core functionality of both Firefox and Thunderbird.

The tremendous amount and variety of available extensions – especially for the novice – often results in “choice paralysis” which make the selection of “add-on functions” pretty difficult if not downright impossible.

Over the years, SASCEC, has used, trail & tested and evaluate many extensions (functions) and in the process build a reference collection of useful extensions that can be productively deployed within the AltanaESP Network and System. Although more focused, this collection still contains plenty of extensions that might take a while to wrap your head around.

Therefore, in order to get things up and running as quickly as possible, SASCEC identified a number of start-up extensions that is required to productively and safely make use of both Firefox and Thunderbird.

Updated: 28 January, 2015 — 11:55 pm