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Safety first!

It is dangerous and down right stupid to “leave” your website’s safety to a variety of plugins and systems, with an attitude of install and forget about it. Website security needs to be managed by people… because its people, that either cause the damage or prevent a catastrophe. Technology is merely an aid, that helps people, to prevent a crisis.


On website that – primarily – are designed and develop to act as a virtual office environment, which allow plenty of different interactions with users, visitors and participants. This backup method allows to backup specific sections of the WordPress installation and also additional function as included in the route directory of the website. [wptabs type=”accordion” […]

Idle Logout

A website becomes vulnerable to online attacks when having a number of inactive users simultaneously online. The “Idle Logout” WordPress plugin, automatically disconnects (i.e. logout) a user when inactive for more than 30 minutes. It is an online safeguard on the one hand, and a monitoring opportunity (via Crazy Bone) to track user activity on […]

Stop Spammers

When operating an interactive website (kind of a must in modern times, because static websites are gradually disappearing as a result of user demands) and wish to allow users and visitors to leave comment, provide their opinions on a matter, do reviews, participate in polls, running an online shop, …etc. then spamming often develops into […]

Wordfence Security

Online security to control, limit and prevent bots, spammers, harvesters, hackers, ..etc. from taking over a website is very important. More important though is to prevent them for even accessing the website. The Wordfence plugin have many settings and tweak to prevent unauthorized logins, but the major value of this plugin is the ability to […]

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